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✔ Improve sleep quality with its gentle glow

✔ Save money and consume less power

✔ Create a soothing and calming atmosphere

✔ Remove the feeling of fear in dark spaces

Improve sleep quality with its gentle glow

✔ Alleviate feeling of fear in dark spaces

✔ Save money and consume less power

Create a soothing and calming atmosphere

Reduce Anxiety, Increase Safety, Improve Sleep Quality

Bid farewell to apprehensive nights with Lumo. Its gentle illumination casts a soothing glow. 

This light promotes a sense of relaxation and tranquility. 

This device automatically lights up and eliminates the need for switches. 

Save Money and Reduce Power Consumption

Gentle glow minimizes the disruption to your natural sleep cycle.

Lumo promotes more restful and rejuvenating sleep by reducing eye strain from harsh lighting.

Soft ambient Lighting to create a positive emotional environment.

Consumes less power than traditional house lighting.

Activates only when sensing movement saving power and money! 

Easy Installation, Removal, and Adjustments!

Wireless device allows for hassle-free movements and installation creating an organized environment.

Material of Lumo is durable and lightweight making it easy to pick up and place in new areas.

A sleek design to provide a simple and cozy environment to live in.

    Never worry about stumbling in the dark again!

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    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Lumo work?

    Lumo is equipped with a motion sensor that detects movement within its range. When the sensor detects motion, it triggers the light to turn on automatically. This light automatically shuts off ~20seconds later if there is not detection of movement.

    How do I install Lumo?

    How many different modes are there?

    Lumo has 3 modes:

    • Motion Sensing
    • Always On
    • OFF

    Always on function acts like a portable light source.

    What is the battery life of the lamp?

    Charging Time: 1 Hour (Approx)


    • Always ON: 21H
    • Auto Mode: 108 Days

    How far does the motion sensor detect movement?

    Lumo has a detection range of around 3 to 5 meters (10 to 16 feet).